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Congratulations For Being An Action Taker For Handling Your Anxiety

Many people think that they are stuck with their anxiety for the rest of their life, that some people are prone to anxiety while others not
But the truth is, we all experience anxiety
In fact witnessing family going through anxiety symptoms leading to thoughts and desire of killing themselves on a regular basis is gut wrenching
Can you imagine someone you or someone you love being tortured and being able to do nothing about it?

After thousands of hours of research, practice, refinement, and proof with clients the secrets to ending that suffering is in your hands

It’s like having the rainbows come out after a thunderstorm, and you are one of the few who believes that the sun will shine through and is willing to do what it takes to follow through with taking control of your life back from anxiety
You are making the right decision because anxiety is known as the silent killer that causes problems both mentally, emotionally, and physically if left on its own
It can crush your dreams, paralyze you with fear, and leave you in a constant state of worry or stress which in turn can cause depression and feeling powerless, fatigue and being anti-social
Not to mention all the physical symptoms of nausea, headaches, sweating, rapid breathing, chest pain, and much more.
And I don’t want you to continue to suffer unnecessarily

Because you are willing to take matters into your own hands and get the proven Be Anxiety Free System, your freedom starts today!

The Be Anxiety Free Program is here to help you get over anxiety once and for all!

You will be guided every step of the way to:

Break Free From Anxiety Patterns
3 Tier Process For Ending Anxiety Symptoms
10 Quick Ways To Interrupt Your Anxiety Loop
Proven Techniques For Varying Levels Of Anxiety Intensity
Proven 5 Step Anxiety Re-Patterning
Deep Childhood Memory Clearing
7 Days Of Bonus Audio For Solidifying Your New Freedom
Not only will you gain the  understanding of the underlying structures of what triggers your anxiety symptoms in the first place, you will get step-by-step guidance to claim back your life and steadily gain control
Not tomorrow, not next week, right now!

Whether you are in a constant state of anxiety or experience it once in a while, The Be Anxiety Free Program is for you!

You deserve the opportunity to live your highest possibility without constant fear, anxiety or stress while being full of energy in creating your higher vision for life

A Better Way To Overcome Anxiety

We’ve all heard it before. “Just don't be anxious”… As if you never thought of that before
The truth is anxiety can be difficult to get rid of... Unless you have the right tools, techniques and methods
Overcoming anxiety is a multi-step process which all starts with overcoming and stopping the anxiety loops
What is an anxiety loop?
An anxiety loop is a negative feedback loop that could be triggered by a simple thought
You might remember or just imagine a bad experience and this leads to fear, stress, anxiety and depression
These feelings then fuel the fight or flight response and trick your body and mind into thinking you are in a stressful situation, thus releasing more negative emotions and hormones furthering driving you deeper in the anxiety loop
The more anxious we become the more easily it becomes to go back to that loop, and the more stressed and anxious we get just anticipating the negative feelings

Do you want freedom from your anxiety?

Then it is essential to stop these feedback loops just as they are starting, before they gain momentum
The Be Anxiety Free Program utilizes a 3 tiers of proven method to stop anxiety loops
If the intensity of your anxiety on a scale from 0 to 10 is less than a 4, then you can use Tier 1 techniques for a quick interruption before the negative thought gains momentum
There are 10 quick Tier 1 audios included in the program that you can load into your phone to press play anytime an anxiety loop starts and nip it in the bud
Tier 2 is an anxiety re-patterning process that’s 25 minutes long that you can listen to do a deeper clearing of what triggers the current symptoms of anxiety

When you are short on time and still want to do a full clearing of your anxiety, use the 8 minute anxiety reset audio to do a fast clearing of your anxious reactions

Tier 3 Goes to the core memory where your current form of anxiety originated from, usually in childhood between the ages of 0-7 and de-charge the originating beliefs that created the anxious response in the first place

Our brainwaves between the ages of 0-7 are predominantly in Theta around 4-8Hz where it is the most receptive to creating patterns both positive and negative which is why Tier 2 and Tier 3 guidance contain Theta Brain Sync within the guided clearings to replace the anxiety patterns with more empowering emotions
On top of the core anxiety clearing guided audio, there are 7 Bonus daily guided clearings that address the layers, memories, and beliefs that are tied in to the anxiety response to help you develop the new habit of transforming anxiety patterns as they come up and do a thorough clean out

Listen to these as many times as necessary to get through the layers of anxious reactions that has been built in your neurological system

Modern Life and Anxiety

The increase in anxiety is largely due to the modern world
Our modern day life is much more complex than that of our  ancestors, and if we are oversensitive in our nerves, any little signal from cars, a loud sound, random words, or even an expression from others can be misinterpreted as danger
This results in constant anxiety even when we should have nothing to fear or be scared of
However, the feeling is real because you have energized the emotions as energies in motion in a negative direction and it can cause serious mental, emotional, and health problems as you are probably already experiencing
The Be Anxiety Free Program has powerful methods to counteract this modern world epidemic and allow you instead to feel relaxed, at peace, refreshed, and empowered

It All Starts With The Mind

Thoughts are the fastest and most free of the energies

As thoughts condense, they form into emotions or energies in motion
As emotions condense, they translate to words and actions

As actions condense, they translate to physical creation and habits
As habits condense, they become your character and life.
So what seems like harmless worrisome thoughts can lead to an anxiety filled life
This means you have to learn how to transform negative thoughts as they arise and stop them in their tracks then redirect the energy towards creating what you actually desire!

How could something so simple free you from anxiety?

Because as long as you can consistently interrupt your anxiety thoughts and change its direction before they condense into feelings of anxiety into one of peace, acceptance, empowerment, appreciation, inspiration, happiness, and love , you will be well on your way to gaining control of your life back
Furthermore, you will get the help you need in thoroughly clearing out any emotional patterns that trigger your anxiety symptoms at deep neurological levels that you didn't even know existed

The Be Anxiety Free Program

Complete audio program covering every aspect of anxiety and much more!

You will enjoy a complete toolkit to prepare you for anything anxiety throws your way.
We understand that everyone is different which is why we built an all-encompassing program that targets the root of the problem
Every solution has been tested again and again to ensure your best chance for success.  From beginning to end, you will have everything you need to start living your life anxiety free!

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside The Be Anxiety Free Program:

Tier 1 10 interrupters for stopping anxiety symptoms in its tracks
8 minute quick anxiety reset
Tier 2 anxiety re-patterning audio that covers all 5 steps of the healing blueprint
Tier 3 guided audio that specifically cleans out negative childhood memories associated with anxiety

Be Anxiety Free Package #1

10 Anxiety Interrupters

Feeling that anxiety starting to rise?

If the intensity is below a 4 on a scale of 0 to 10 then use the Tier 1 interrupters to stop anxiety symptoms in its tracks
Just load it into your phone and press play!
There are 10 different interrupters to choose from
Try all 10 to see which ones work for you consistently and use those every time the the pattern of anxiety comes up to short circuit it!
Depending on how your body is wired neurologically, your anxiety symptoms may be more easily interrupted through either physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual ways
There are 4 physical interrupters, 2 emotional interrupters, 2 mental interrupters, and 2 spiritual interrupters for you too choose from
For the first time ever, you can have your anxiety under control just by pressing play, any time you need it!

Be Anxiety Free Package #2

Quick Anxiety Reset

When you are short on time but still want to go through the 5 steps to decharge your anxiety, use this 8 minute guided audio to quick return you back to center

Imagine being able to consistently return to calmness whenever anxiety pops up
The Quick Anxiety Reset simply works!
Follow along the  5 proven steps of identify, interrupt, define outcome, embody, and strengthen to reset the pattern of anxiety and transform it instead into peace, clamness, acceptance, and gratitude!

Be Anxiety Free Package #3

Core Anxiety Re-Patterning

Do you remember that time when you felt at peace?
Where the world was alright and wherever you were was just fine?
You can return to this feeling even if just before you felt a bit anxious
The Core Anxiety Re-Patterning will help you get there!
Follow along the 25 minute guided audio and you’ll do a thorough cleanout of the patterns of anxiety triggered by external circumstances and reactions and replacing it with the feelings of peace that is your birthright and get back to your shining self again
And that’s not all…
Any time the intensity of your anxiety is stronger than a level 4, instead of feeling helpless and allowing the fear of fear to loop, now you will have my guidance and help to consistnetly stop the anxiety loop and reset a new pattern of empowerment
For the first time, you can be your happy self again and consistently beat anxiety any time you want!

Be Anxiety Free Package #4

Core Childhood Memory Clearing

When your anxiety is triggered by memories from that past that keeps resurfacing to drag you down...
Imagine being able to clear that memory so that you can recall it without the old reactions of depression, fear, anxiety, frustration or anger
And be able to have the same memory and feel peace and acceptance instead!
Get to the root where that memory of anxiety got embedded in childhood and clear it
Many patterns are embedded between the ages of 0-7 when our brainwaves are in the receptive Theta wave, use the Core Childhood Memory Clearing to clear away disempowering patterns while putting in patterns that are aligned with your higher vision for yourself

And if that wasn’t enough, you’re also getting…

The Bonus 7 Days To Freedom

On top of everything that you are already getting, you will also receive 7 daily guided clearings to form new empowering beliefs and patterns

Clearing The Fear Of Rejection
Clearing I’m Not Enough
Clearing Seeing The Worst Outcome
Clearing Overwhelm
Clearing Self-Doubt
Clearing Giving up
Clearing Helplessness
For 7 days you will build your habit for being free from your anxiety!
Each day I will guide you through a 20-25 minute clearing to thoroughly clean out any of the patterns most commonly related to anxiety above
You deserve all the good things that you can possibly imagine where you use your full creative powers and these 7 days will jumpstart your life!

The Be Anxiety Free Program makes the hardest part of getting over your anxiety an absolute breeze!

What would your life be like without anxiety?  You can reclaim the ability to go to sleep without stress or tossing and turning while waking up and feeling relaxed and refreshed!

Imagine the weight being lifted off your shoulders

This is all possible by taking control and saying goodbye to your anxiety once and for all
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